Subverting expectations 😎

Wobbly Setup

The setup of the martini sim geometry constraints is just a Vellum Configure Strut Softbody:

To preserve the volume I simulated a much thicker proxy geometry, then used point deform to apply it ot the original martini glass. Using the actual martini glass geo failed because it would just topple over

Olive Setup

It all starts with a single olive geometry:

But then to add a bit of realism, for every reference point I create a unique olive by deforming it with noise

It’s a really subtle effect but it adds a nice bit of randomness to the sim and look

This is of course combined with attribrandomize nodes which vary the orient and pscale attributes, adding even more variety.

Finally, the olives are simulated as RBD objects using the cached bouncy martini glass as a collision object

Scene File

Download the scene file from my patreon: